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Addiction is so common, it is the second leading cause of poor mental health, right after a clinical depression. As with depression or any other mental disorder, addiction usually goes untreated. Lack of availability of reliable, scientific information is one reason for such neglect. While bad information doesn't often hold people back from finding treatment for diabetes or heart disease, it is a true impediment to finding addiction treatment. If you know someone who has a problem with addiction, it's important that you learn as much as possible about addiction and its treatment. When you are well-informed, you should be in a position to find effective drug detox centers in Brookline.

Understanding What Addiction Really Is

In older movies, addiction was treated the hard way -- addicts were shown locked up and screaming through the pain of withdrawal. The audience obtained a measure of satisfaction in seeing an addict's "irresponsible pursuit" of the pleasure of drugs met with a firm hand. Back in the day, people with mental illnesses relocked up, as well. The unscientific views that allowed such atrocious behavior to occur persist to this day. The harsh war on drugs is one reflection of this type of view.

Alcohol and drug addiction in Brookline doesn't come about simply through drug use. Many people do use drugs, often, even to excessive levels. They are still able to stop when they need to. Only a few unlucky people who experiment with drugs find that they are unable to stop. The truth is, neither addiction nor being able to resist addiction is a choice. It comes about through forces outside one's personal control. It's important to understand how exactly addiction arises.

There are genetic causes: Chronic, excessive drug use that goes beyond all reason and ends in addiction comes about often through a genetic predisposition to such behavior. People who find themselves using drugs in this way usually suffer from genetic conditions that leave them with a lower everyday level of pleasure and well-being than normal people. Such people may turn to drugs simply to feel normal. Once they do, the level of pleasurable response that they feel to drug use is genetically determined, as well. Often, they simply feel far more pleasure than normal people and find it much harder to stop.

There are psychiatric causes: The overwhelming majority of people who turn to uncontrollable drug use do so to escape the effects of serious psychiatric disorders. When they find when they find that the chemical changes in the brain brought about by drug use helps them feel normal for a while, they are unable to stop.

There are psychological causes: A stable emotional life, an ability to think through one's emotions, a mind that doesn't jump to self-blame, and a reasonable and healthy self-image, are all things that people take for granted. Some people, however, tend to simply not possess such psychological health. They tend to find that substance abuse offers them short-term health in these areas.

Addiction comes about for these reasons. It's important to remember that escaping addiction requires treatment courses that address each one of these areas.

Real addiction treatment in Brookline addresses the patient's psychological and emotional life. A person who becomes psychologically and emotionally healthy does not turn to addiction. Yet, when you're already trapped in addiction, it can be impossible to simply stop in order to get to the point where you are able to address your psychological health. A brain that has been exposed to drugs for a long period of time grows chemically reliant on them. When an attempt is made to quit, the brain is seriously harmed through the chemical imbalance that follows. Withdrawal symptoms such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, epileptic seizures and cardiac arrest often follow. The right way to address withdrawal is to accept drug detox centers in Brookline.

How Medical Detox Treatment Helps

Medical detox helps simply through giving the patient the medical treatment needed to counter the withdrawal symptoms that they feel. While some people do attempt to quit cold turkey and do simply suffer their way through the process that lasts many days, it's a choice that makes little sense. To begin, most people simply aren't able to take the pain and discomfort involved. It also makes no sense to put one's life at risk of cardiac arrest or seizures that can cause brain injury.

In medical detox, the idea is to have qualified addiction specialists to supervise patients for every withdrawal symptom and to offer medical treatment to treat it. Pain-free treatment is possible. This alone makes the idea of quitting addiction far more accessible to a larger set of people.

The aim of the drug detox centers in Brookline is to minimize dangerous symptoms, it is best conducted under constant medical supervision. Such care is available only as part of an inpatient center for drug detox program. While not every patient will need such constant care, most do. Complications are common in addiction treatment, and hedging one's bets is an excellent idea. It's an idea to keep in mind when you look for drug detox in Brookline. Call Brookline Alcohol Treatment Centers now for help (617) 475-6904.

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